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The one where we uncover the history of Pairs figure skating

October 2021

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to our blog page and if this is your first time, welcome to FSE’s blog page. We hope that you and your loved ones are well.

As always, we would love to start by congratulating our star of the week skaters from this month- Salma! Keep up the hard work, we’re so proud of you.

Just before we get into this month's blog, we just want to share with you all that our FSE team immensely enjoyed attending the three-day event to support our friends from the ice hockey team!

For this month’s blog and the next we want to get into our time machine and travel back in time to rediscover and briefly delve into the history of pairs figure skating. This comes from the idea that looking back into the sports history as well as our own can make us more motivated and reignite our passion.

Pairs figure skating has been around since people first started gliding across the ice which dates to 17th century Holland. Images from frozen lakes in London to New York City, capture scenes of couples embracing the idea that both males and females can participate fairly in the same discipline. Following great popularity, artificial rinks were built to accommodate for skaters to practise all year round and steer clear of breaking the thin pond ice!

At first, pairs would skate using hand to hand positions and patterns across the ice however, this did not make the sport distinct from ice dancing which was equally becoming popular. Overtime, competitors further challenged themselves by incorporating free skating with some ice dancing but the couple would skate side by side, which adds another challenge as the pair has to be in complete unison.

Despite some of the controversy, pairs figure skating evolved to combine athletics, such as lifts and spins, and dance, whereby skaters execute some movements side by side, aiming for mirror-image union and precise timing.

Today, pairs figure skating is all about creating an emotive story with graceful choreography.

From all of us at Figure Skating Egypt, we thank you for your continued support and as always, you can find out more about joining our team via our FAQs page on our website or by directly contacting our coach Captain Ahmad Saad.

Quote of the month:

'The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity to grow'

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