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What makes Us Different


Passion. Care for each other. Support for each other. Team spirit. Pushing each other forward.

Shaimaa El-Adl


I think the way in which our team members are always communicating with each other is great.

Ahmed Elhashimy


Spirit, flexibility, caring for each other and passion. Different ages with different experiences but one goal and family

Nesma Abd El Moneim

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We have a very strong family based feeling among all of us, we don't see each other as team members however as family members who help each other to become better and develop in this sport as one.Our aim is not only to compete against anyone rather than inspire others to love this sport as much as we do and to effect people with our passion and love

Sally El Ziady

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Our team is full of strong, independent and creative figure skaters who care for one another, not just as team members but as a family too! We all have each other’s back -  passionately supporting and encouraging each other as we strive for greatness together, and push ourselves beyond expectations. We seek to inspire our community to showcase our love for this beautiful sport. We truly wish to make our dreams into a reality and expand this loving family further.

Nour Shoukry

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We are a family. We’re always willing to help each other to reach our goal

Linda Tamer

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The passion and love between team members. Without the team we would not have been what we are today. we are more than friends, we are family

Anan Ibrahim


I know I've been away from figure skating for years now, but I wanted to share as well.
For me, what makes us different is that whenever someone falls there is always more than a helping hand ready to support. The understanding that each one of us responds differently to certain moves and each one has their own timeline in learning a certain move. Different ages and different levels, but still always doing our best and encouraging each other.

Nada Kassab

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Although we’ve faced some difficulties due to the online exercises, we all helped and pushed each other to reach our goal and never gave up on any of our team members. 
Our difference in ages gives us the advantage to share more individual experiences and share many more memories

Hajar Munir

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Our Team spirit

Mariam Islam

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