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Lights, Camera, Action!

Up Again

We fall, we rise up and we keep trying again, until we get it right

There are times where some moves are much more challenging than others, yet, we do not let this stop us from reaching our dreams. We all support each other and test out new techniques together. We motivate one another and push ourselves beyond our goals.

The Comeback

Getting ready for our return

This past period of time has been very hard for all of us, yet we are so excited to announce that we are returning to the ice and continuing to write our story on ice- where we belong! We are very grateful to be reunited with our figure skating family once again.

Synchro practice

Synchronized forward crossrolls

This skill is aimed at Intermediate level skaters, focusing on the right timing of when to cross and the right edge to reach a point where all skaters move as one. 

This move can be used in routines to bring together other advanced skills in a beautiful display.

Pairs practice

Pairs forward & backward crossrolls

This is aimed at Intermediate & advanced skaters seeking to skate in pairs. It focuses on moving & turning in unison whilst keeping in touch with your partner.


Over the years our team has grown into a small close-knit community of Egyptian figure skaters.

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