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The one where we celebrate our heritage

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

April 2021

Hey everyone! Welcome back to our blog page, we hope that you and your loved ones are keeping well and staying safe.

Just before you read on, make sure you are following our Instagram page @figureskating_egypt and keep your eyes peeled for the following weeks to come. Exciting things are in the works!

This month, we thought we would discuss and celebrate our heritage! This is a very special topic as, as Egyptians our cultural and historical heritage is beyond extraordinary and the more we learn and discover, the more we become fascinated by our predecessors. I am sure many of you would recall and maybe even took part in the remarkable event that took place earlier this month- The Pharoah’s Parade.

We must praise all those who have been tirelessly preparing for many enduring months so that they can put on such a stunning show of Egyptian history. Therefore, we must say that it was very spectacular to watch due to the perfectly executed performance.

It makes us even prouder to announce that one of our own senior skaters, Samantha Wanis, was part of this stunning event!!

"The Pharoah's parade was a great experience, and just like everyone else who participated, I was very very honoured to be a part of it. I'm half Filipino, and half Egyptian, and just being at the parade made me so proud of my lineage. Although I was tired since we were rehearsing all day and fixing costumes and everything, it was all worth it in the end. I made a lot of friends there too! They're all super nice and professional and I can say that I have grown and learned a lot from this great opportunity." ~Samantha

Such events make one feel proud and empowered. Moreover, this made us reflect on our heritage and what we symbolise and stand for within our own community. Our team’s history may not have reigned for as long as the pharaohs of course, yet we take pride in all that we do and strive to leave a stamp, so that in the future, we can all look back at the achievements we have had and hurdles we overcame. therefore, allowing our future generation to celebrate this heritage and carry on our legacy.

This swiftly leads onto the topic of legacy. As a relatively new sports-team trying to emerge with a brand new sport, it can make be quite difficult for us to leave a true and remarkable legacy. However, we believe that what we want to leave behind and therefore pushes us everyday to work harder and train more, is that our team is not like many others- as our team is built upon the backbone of reaching for dreams that many would think are impossible. Take a moment to reflect and think about your own legacy, what do you want to leave behind? Don’t worry, this does not have to be something extra-ordinary but something that is unique to you, such as endless kindness or a beaming smile!

We thank you for always supporting our team and our community which goes a long way in helping us to make our stamp on history.

As always, you can find out more about joining our team via our FAQs page on our website or by directly contacting our coach Captain Ahmad Saad.

Quote of the month:

'It is not the honour that you take with you but the heritage you leave behind'

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