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The one with new years resolution

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

January 2020

Hello and welcome back everyone! We hope that you and your loved ones are happy and well, and that you enjoyed your new year!

With every new year comes new year resolutions and at Figure Skating Egypt we decided that the best way to kick start this new year, is to discuss all the values that our team proudly holds and shares.

For every sports team, there comes specific values and morals which they uphold- for us these are: integrity, honesty, discipline, responsibility, sportsmanship, work ethic, passion and determination.

Sports ethics without a doubt, are the backbone of our ice skating academy and what represents us to the Egyptian community. Manifesting these values and ethics, which we will talk about, promote confidence and safety within our community.

When considering honesty in sport, it goes hand in hand with integrity which means that in the principle of leadership, it heavily depends on having strong moral principles and being truthful. However, honesty is not just about telling the truth per say, but it is to make sure that there is a positive gaming experience for all those involved. It means that everyone is treated with respect and that there is no room for abuse, discrimination or harassment.

Of course for any team player, it is crucial to mention that the right discipline and work ethnic is the foundation of an athlete’s character. Self discipline teaches players what they need to practise and perfect, and often the moves which are hindering progress can be improved with the correct off-Ice training. Being able to stay focused on achieving a specific goal, requires the skater to often go over the difficult tasks which in return helps to break down the many obstacles ahead. When one puts their mind and effort into trying to achieve a goal, great things can happen. However, behind every great athlete is a great coach which helps in instilling discipline in the aspiring athlete.

Both the skaters and coaches have responsibilities whether they are physically on the ice or behind the scenes. The specific tasks of any ice-skater is to practise and improve their skills, and thus to be able to maintain and look after their physical and mental well being. Yet, it is equally important to look after those around us. It goes without saying that, our team sport is particularly different and the level of danger is slightly higher than of other team sports, conveying the importance of why it is necessary and the responsibility, of each skater to look after others on the ice as well. Similarly, it is the responsibility of our coaches to provide the correct instructions and corrections.

As many of you would know, we absolutely love and adore our team mates because they are all part of our family. During each session you can see just how passionate and determined each member is- even if it is just being committed by coming to every training session, speaks a thousand words of its own. Having the love for what you do helps you to stay motivated. Additionally, having the right people around you who also share the same mindset makes infinite progress. Being passionate allows you to have purpose which consequently manifests in becoming determined to reach a goal- no matter the hurdles that may come.

Sportsmanship is important to all our athletes as we understand and are committed to being fair and to abide by our ethical principles. Overall, this is to both our own team players and future opponents. Good sportsmanship builds character and team work, and really teaches us all about the importance of discipline, kindness and inclusion. Above all it teach us to respect our team, our leaders and those within our community.

To conclude, being an honest, passionate and responsible team player, sharpens perception and allows the skater to observe everything with clarity.

From all of us at Figure Skating Egypt, we thank you for your continued support and as always, you can find out more about joining our team via our FAQs page on our website or by directly contacting our coach Captain Ahmad Saad.

Quote of the month:

‘Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships’

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