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The one with lights, camera, and lots of action

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

October 2020

Hey there! Welcome back to our blog page. We have had a very exciting and eventful month full of celebrations and growth that we would love to share with you.

We will start of by saying that we hope you and your loved ones are very well, so sit back, relax and enjoy this quick read!

This month our team was involved in a short commercial shoot where we trained, performed and danced to our favourite music- it was an absolutely amazing experience for all of us, so stay tuned to be the first to hear about the video release! Below you can read the thoughts of our junior team members upon reflection of the day.

“I felt the team spirit and as though we were all one! The day was so much fun, and we really got to know each-other so much more. It honestly brought out the friendliness and the best sides of ourselves. The love we have for our team and our sport was proudly shown. We all supported one another. I really didn’t want this day to end or to go home.”


“The day was full of spirit, dancing, and laughter. Such a beautiful way for our team members to connect and bond over what we love most: the ice!! We goofed around in skates, unleashed some awesome moves, and even celebrated coach's birthday!! It felt like HOME”


“It was a new experience for me, and I had so much fun as we were free to do whatever we wanted, yet I still picked up a few new moves. Even though I am a new member of figure skating Egypt, I felt as though the day united us and I got to know my team mates a lot more. I felt as though I am a member of a greater community which bring me joy.”


“It was such a fun day for many reasons. We had a bit of a break from our intense training to really enjoy our time together with everyone’s performances and the music. I even got to try a few new moves with my partner and learnt these cool tricks from my team-mates! We made many memories together in this incredible atmosphere and I wish for many more days like this to come!”


In order to get ready, our team showed immense determination, motivation and passion for the sport cohesively, however a special shout-out to our junior figure skating team who have not only been working very hard during these past couple of months but have also taken great steps forward in their skating journeys. Your dedication to practice and improving your techniques is reflective upon the advancements of your skills. A massive well done to each and every one of you, and keep up the hard work as each step you take now, is a stride towards your future dreams and goals!

Moreover, in light of our preparations we have collaborated with a local company to produce our team t-shirts!! As you may be aware, team t-shirts hold a much more sentimental value to our team members, it is no longer just a regular top but a representation of who we are and the values we stand for. It brings us together and shows how proud and honoured we are to be members of Figure Skating Egypt, which is not just a team, but a family, full of exceptionally talented people whom we respect and therefore we hold up our name in glory.

You could not miss us at our practice sessions at Gnena Mall before, but now we will definitely not go unnoticed, as thanks to two amazing ladies- Maryam Mohammed and Mayar Abdallah, our roll-up is ready and in action!

As always you can find out more about our team via our website, or our social media pages. For further information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by dropping us an email or giving us a call.

Finally, from all of us at Figure Skating Egypt, we thank you for your continued support; we wish you all the best and see you soon.

Quote of the month

‘Don’t aspire to be the best on the team, aspire to be the best for the team’

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