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The one where we take a step forward in our journey

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

September 2020

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog page! We hope that you are well and staying safe.

During this past month, a few amazing things have happened that we would love to share and update you guys with. Now that we are thankfully back to practising on-Ice together, whilst making sure we do this in a very safe and secure way, we are pleased to announce that our ice skating community is growing by the day, and this is all thanks to those working very hard behind the scenes. We would like to take a moment to thank our senior team girls who take time out of their very busy schedules, with school or university and practice, to help promote the academy by producing fantastic resources and content which is used and shared by both members of the academy and the Egyptian community! As well as this, their continued dedication to the academy and passion for the sport shines through every training session, upon teaching other members of the team who are in the beginner and junior team. Much of the teams’ achievements could not have happened if it were not for them- therefore a massive thank you to: Shaimaa El-Adl, Maryam Mohammed, Nour Shoukry, Sally El- Ziady and Ayah Hesham.

Also a big thank you to Dina ElGazayerli for her dedication in catching outstanding shots of our practice on camera; and a shout out to Samantha Wanis, who has joined the senior team. Keep up the hard work- we are very proud of you!

We are also very honoured and it is with our pleasure to announce that Mrs Nancy Abdel-Hady, is now the official PR manager for our academy- her goals and ambitions will help push the team forward in the right direction; and of course with her help, support and guidance we would continue to grow and reach out to even more people both nationally and internationally!

A second and very exciting announcement is that we had an amazing interview with ‘Nile TV International’, where Mrs Nancy Abdel-Hady and our Coach Captain Ahmed Saad discussed a vast majority of topics regarding the academy, our goals and the challenges we face as a new sports academy; so make sure you check out the interview by clicking on the link on the “Latest News” page on our website.

Thirdly and most importantly, we have been working very hard to bring this to life and with that we are announcing that our YouTube channel is finally here!! We will be posting on there as frequently as we can in order to bring to you quality content to enjoy. Make sure you subscribe to Figure Skating Egypt and share it with all your loved ones.

Finally, from all of us at Figure Skating Egypt, we thank you for your continued support; we wish you all the best and see you soon.

Quote of the month

‘Motivation get us started, but commitment is what drives our actions’

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