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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

March 2021

Hi everyone, welcome back to our blog page and if this is your first time viewing, then welcome to Figure Skating Egypt’s blog page!

This month’s piece is quite different from previous months yet extra special as we are going to discuss women empowerment in our community and sport.

In light of this topic, we just wanted to say Happy Mother’s day to all our beautiful mothers whom love and support us!

Earlier this month on March 8th, it was International Women’s Day (IWD) - a day where we celebrate many of the strong, courageous and admirable women in our society, as well as those who have left remarkable efforts for us historically.

Whilst for many of us, we couldn’t join in on the global achievements that women have accomplished face-to-face (the pandemic still keeps us at home!), it was amazing to see the unity within our community on this amazing and historical day over multiple social media platforms, fulfilling the space with love and support. From trending hashtags to vibrant new uploads, women of all races, backgrounds and sizes were singularly praised in a synchronised digital manner from others alike.

Female empowerment is not to bring down men, but to bring up women to an equal status and level to the opposing gender, to live in harmony and fairness altogether. Women supporting women is a beautiful thing in itself. Gaining the aid of men too... now that’s a social act waiting to leave its stamp in the history books!

Moreover, days like this marked down in our calendars, really show just how important it is to be a part of the female community in today’s world. Our team is majorly made up of women, from young girls and ladies to older women, all whom have the greatest attributes of endowing light on the female gender. Much of the support given and revived by them all emphasises the importance and essentiality of having strong a female support system. Being blessed with such positivity and support around you will lead to better health, a better mindset and hopefully a better life! To apply this to the graceful sport of Figure Skating will enhance your experience dramatically.

This year, the theme for IWD was #choosetochallenge. This theme resonates with many women in our community who desired a challenge and called out upon gender bias and inequality. From years of social movements and activism approaches, females have repeatedly struggled with facing everyday challenges in social environments and standing up for themselves.

It’s not only figures we know from history. It’s also individuals between us, who we may have turned a blind eye to. However below Mrs. Amanne, has shared an experience whereby she succeeded due to the support she received:

“There was a situation when I was a student at university, when I was grouped into a team with a couple of mean students. This was detrimental as it meant that I had no (pathological) slides to work with for our upcoming exams. However, a few of my classmates both girls and guys, knew about my problem and rather than leaving me to do the work by myself, they supported me by giving me their slides and resources. I was overwhelmed by their support, and luckily I did very well in the exam!”~ Mrs.Amanne

As expressed in the previous example, when all women are able to stand up for themselves and those around them, it provokes change and thus together, we celebrate this change as a grand achievement, to help unite all members of our society and create inclusive environments in our surroundings.

This unity within our community as given women the power to be proud of who they are and what they have achieved. Here it from others too:

“There are so many accomplished women changing the world everyday and I'm glad to live in a world where that is possible!” ~Dina

“I feel as though women have become more privileged and have the power to pave a better future for the following generation. We have a gift where we able to provide unconditional love, which therefore gives value to the care and support we offer. All this energy that’s within us is power has limitless outcomes and can be used in all situations, whether it be with colleagues, students, friends. This is a timeless act that all women should be proud of”~ Mrs. Amanne

Of course, women supporting women doesn’t stop at work or school, but is further strengthened in our sport setting too. It goes without saying that sport in itself, and especially a sport as beautiful as figure skating, can make many girls and women feel unique and contributes to an increase in their self-esteem and self image. The opportunity to be part of an academy and our community gives a sense of individuality and confidence, and therefore gives the chance for many girls to be part of a new generation of change and unity.

From all of us at Figure Skating Egypt, we thank you for your continued support and as always, you can find out more about joining our team via our FAQs page on our website or by directly contacting our coach Captain Ahmad Saad.

Quote of the month

'Behind every successful women is a tribe of other successful women who have her back'

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