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The one where there is light at the end of the tunnel...

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

August 2020

Hi Guys, welcome back to our blog page. We are officially and finally back!!

It is with passion and love for our sport that we write this piece. A sport that brings so much joy to our hearts- we are back on ice, where we belong.

This has been the longest time in which we were away from our beloved ice since we all started. However, safety comes first, of us and of our loved ones. We are all glad and very blessed to be back again, safe and sound.

Our time away from the ice and from our ice-skating family has really given us a moment in time to reflect upon some of our most favourable memories together. It has not been easy on any of us during those unprecedented times. Yet, looking on the bright side of things, we will now cherish our moments on ice even more. The smell of the ice, the cold wisp of air across our face whilst blissfully gliding, and the crisp sound of our blades cutting through the frozen panel beneath. We are back to feeling all those things which we have missed so much. In the past, we would often fall, again and again, and were often disappointed by our progress; now we know and understand that falls and failures are a gift, because we are skating- because we are on ice. Therefore, the accomplishment, hidden behind excitement and fear, of perfecting a spin or landing a jump will now feel a million times better.

We are very thankful to be reunited with our figure skating family, now closer than ever. During this past period of time, in lockdown, we have been virtually in each other’s homes, practising online and spending time together. We have previously mentioned the importance of maintaining a strong athletic body, so now we can see how those long hours spent in off-ice practice, will pay off on the ice. In that moment, our bodies will skate off the fitness, flexibility, and strength which we have been building up over the past few months.

In celebration of our comeback we would like to welcome back two amazing ladies- Nesma Mohamed and Nada Kassab. They have been away from our ice-skating community for some time, yet we are ever so excited and pleased that they will be joining us once more. Below, you can read a few kind words from both ladies describing their time with us in the past and how they feel upon their return.

“My name is Nesma Mohamed. I started ice skating in 2013 when I saw my best friend Shimo (Shaimaa El-Adl) practising with our supportive coach Captain Ahmed Saad. He inspired me throughout my journey. I stopped practising for a while but now I am back! I am full of energy and passion, and ready to enjoy my time with our beloved big team. From day one, I felt that ice skating takes us away from the world and up to the sky. I am very grateful to be a member of this figure skating family.”

“I am Nada Kassab, and I am one of the members of this amazing team. I never thought that figure skating would be my passion. One day I was introduced to figure skating by my dear friend Shaimaa El- Adl. At first, I tried it just for fun. However, once I stepped on the ice, it was not just for fun anymore- every part of me knew that this is where I belong! I immediately bought my skates and joined the team, and quickly realised that this team is more of a family. I enjoy all our training days together and the support we give to each other. The instructions and encouragement of our coach, Captain Ahmed Saad gives us, is what keeps us going and improving. If I ever went back in time, I would still choose them as my team; as my family.”

In light of our return, we shared on all of our social media outlets a very special comeback video. It has been produced and broadcasted to express our joy and excitement in the next phase of our journey. Make sure you check it out on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page. We would like to thank you all for your continuous support.

Finally, we will conclude by saying that, even though this past time has been very difficult and challenging for many of us in multiple ways, please remember that these situations are only temporary and we will all do our part to fight this fight together. Always look on the brighter side of things as there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

As always, you can find out more information about joining through our FAQs page on our website. However, if you have any further unanswered questions, drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

From all of us at Figure Skating Egypt, we wish you all the best and see you very soon.

Quote of the month

‘Everybody falls... But the only thing that really matters, is that you get back up again, stronger than ever before and that you never give up.’

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