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The one where we welcome you to meet the team

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

July 2020

Inspired by

Where a group of friends became a family

July 2020

Hiya, we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Figure Skating Egypt’s first official welcoming blog post. In our monthly posts, you will be able to skate alongside us in our journey, meet the team and celebrate our accomplishments. Stay tuned!

Firstly, we will start by introducing ourselves! We are Figure Skating Egypt- an artistic ice-skating team. We are a growing team of figure skaters brought together by our passion for the sport and our growing dream of establishing this sport in Egypt; in hope that one day we represent Egypt in the winter Olympics. Our team started in 2012 but has been growing very fast in the last couple of years. Each one of us joined the team with this tiny dream and memory of a figure skating movie or competition and the feeling of “wow” we get when we watch figure skaters perform. Once we join, bit by bit the dream is becoming a reality and it is never enough. With mindsets like ours, we will surely reach our biggest dreams! Hence, our academy started, to share this dream and experience with others.

Figure skating means so much more to us than just a sport- how often do you get the feeling of flying in anything else? The feeling and grace in the moment. This sport is theatrically beautiful yet physically challenging; in fact, there are numerous elements which even some of the best skaters around the world find difficult. Yet, this does not take away the incredible feeling of perfecting a spin or landing a hard jump. We use this as part of the power of motivation to strive for greatness and encourage each other to do just that. We are a team, a family, and each of us are able to bring something exceptional and different, making everyone’s journey memorable.

Often, we get asked “what actually is figure skating?”, and the answer to this could not be any simpler than, it is a sport which pleasingly combines, dance, artistry, strength, and balance. Whilst many of you may have never heard of our team, or the sport, we intend on taking each component and discussing it in much more detail. We have a number of team members happy to help you throughout your skating journey. This would allow us to raise awareness about figure skating in Egypt and hopefully get more of you guys to join in too.

Our behind the scenes, will interest you in everything from healthy dieting to healthy bodies. Therefore, we often train for two to three hours on-ice and one to two hours off-ice weekly in order to strengthen, condition and maintain a strong athletic body. Though, many of our team members have very busy lives at school, work, or home, we all make the time to pursue our aspiring dreams with passion. We all wanted to be part of this beautiful community and sport, and before we knew it, it became a part of us.

Now that you have had the chance to get to know a bit about us, we would love to hear from you. There will be the opportunity for you to share your opinion with like-minded people about this blog and the information we post, so please feel free to comment something below. We are always searching and looking for new topics to discuss therefore, if you have a blog post idea regarding figure skating, the team or anything related, have your say too! Finally, we would also appreciate your feedback as, as athletes, we love improving our skills further and further.

From all of us at Figure Skating Egypt, we wish you all the best and remember to inspire all those around you!

Quote of the month:

"Those who said our dreams are impossible have already quit"

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