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Who are we?!

We are a growing team of figure skaters brought together by our passion for the sport and our growing dream of establishing this sport in Egypt and one day representing Egypt in winter Olympics.
Our team started 2012 but has been growing very fast in the last couple of years.
Each one of us joined the team with this tiny dream and memory of a figure skating movie or competition and the feeling of “wow” we get when we watch figure skaters performing. And once we join bit by bit the dream becomes reality and it’s never enough. Hence our academy started; sharing this dream and experience with others.
Join us now for figure skating classes, and remember, whatever your age, age is just a number. So boy or girl, lady or gentleman, child or adult, if you have the dream come join us and bring your dream to life.
Social media contact:
Instagram: figureskating_egypt
Facebook: figure skating egypt
Phone: our coach Ahmed Saad 01010888808



Throughout the years, our loving team has grown into a small close-knit community of figure skaters. We have   put together a timeline to represent and showcase the main events which have taken place. We are always   encouraging more people to join us and be part of something unique and special.


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Contact Us

Check out our FAQs page for more information. If you have any further unanswered questions, feel free to contact and drop us an email with your queries below!


W.A :+201114414442

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